Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sophie’s philosophy and passion for mountaineering

 Everest - View from Camp 3 (24,000ft)

View from Everest South Summit

Enjoying physical challenges and eager to touch the sky from the top of world, I decided to climb the highest peak in the world a few years ago.

Life is timing, and it is the perfect timing for me. I started off small, in Ecuador... Cotopaxi, highest active volcano in the world, located in Ecuador, was my first climb.

It was magic - astonishing. I was seeing the world upside down, I was touching the sky. It was the most beautiful thing I saw in my life. That is how I fell in love with mountaineering.
It was 2 years ago, in 2006. Since then, I climbed 15 others peaks all over the world, mainly in South America.

My strong sports background brought me confidence, physical and psychological strength which allowed me to have a great time, and make my expeditions a success.

I never wanted to conquer Mount Everest or any mountains but rather be part of something which will touch my soul.

My philosophy is taking my climb day by day and enjoying it.

It may seem out of context, but when you are climbing, you evolve in such harsh environment, that only happiness will fight anxiety, negative thoughts and fatigue-with a minimal amount of energy spent.

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