Sunday, August 23, 2009

Health - follow up

  • Cold: none
  • Altitude sickness: none
  • Allergy: terrible allergy to mosquito bites. It wakes me up at night ...
  • Stomach virus: none
  • Weight: Aug. 15th - I gained about 4lb before my trip. It is important to start your climb with some 'fat' easily available. Otherwise you end up eating your muscles to get some energy. It is a little drastic, but that's the idea Aug. 23rd - I am happy, I did manage pretty well my body mass I lost just few pounds. I eat as much as I can to catch up and not loosing too much weight. So hopefully, I will have a decent body mass at the end of my climbing trip.
Aug. 28th - I lost about 8lbs total, so it is not too bad ... I ate about 4 eggs every day to minimize my loss of proteine ...

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