Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sophie’s mountaineering training program

Sophie getting ready - Alpamayo in the background (Summit May 29th, 2009)
I select carefully each of my climbs to develop an extended climbing skills sets and to learn how dealing with change & adverse climbing situations. To optimize my learning process and my chances of summit success with extra prudence and safety, I designed a climbing program focusing on:

- Understand my body reaction to high altitude,

- Learn a good heath management,

- Build up appropriate physical and psychological strength,

- Develop strong technical and tactical climbing skills.

Climbing requires a panel of skills that you learn mostly with experience. That is why a rigorous selection of your climb is key. The level of difficulty foreach climbs has to increase gradually, always been goal oriented, test yourself, and bring you: confidence & more autonomy. As outcome, you will enjoy your climb, feel under control, and enhance your performance.

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