Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 4 : Trek to Pisco Base Camp

Wednesday: Huaraz to Pisco Base Camp We take it easy this morning and start our trek pretty late. We arrive at Pisco Base Camp ~3pm. It was a short trek as I was too excited to see the wall we gonna climb to walk slowly. Normally my pace is in average ~8/9 meters per minute (m/m), but today we walked fast with a pace of 11 m/m. (To put things into perspective: 3 m/m is a slow pace, 5 m/m is normal, 8 m/m is fast)

On the way, I kept pointing mountains and asking to Beto if it is Pisco. I have to say that for me they are all more or less the same. It is only when you climb it that you know it by heart. It is almost at the end of the trek that I finally see Pisco and the big face we will climb.

I could not dream of a better first sight: dark blue sky, bright white snow, lines very well designed. It was beautiful. We will climb the straight line (direct route) to the top. I was not impressed; I can't be, because I choose my climb for their safety. So the only limit is you or the weather.

Sophie pointing the ´Crudita´route of Pisco

As I was contemplating the Pisco Face, I start to wonder if the snow condition will be good enough to be able to climb the face. Because, it snowed a lot the past few days, and nobody climbed Pisco, so the snow should be very deep and as a shorty, deep snow means snow up to hips. Which is a problem because breaking trail is exhausting, but with deep snow, it add so much more work, that is almost impossible to keep enough energy for the face and therefore you need to turn back.

View from Base camp - Sunset on Huandoy

At Base Camp: Unfortunately, the burros driver was late and we have to wait for him at base camp with neither no warm clothe nor hot drink. Difficult situation to avoid to catch a cold ... We met 2 Mexicans at base camp, Israel and Alex. They know Hector, my climbing mentor. That night with Beto, Israel and Alex, we play cards with a Bob Marley music on the background. We had so much fun. We laugh so much. It felt really good, because it is this kind of moment which keeps alive the mountaineering spirit. We share hot drinks and food, then Israel and Alex went to bed as they will go to the Pisco Summit via the normal route in 5h. We finish our meal with high spirit, then we go to bed.

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