Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artsonraru - Day #3

Taulliraju - View from Camp 1

It snowed all night. Initially we wanted to start at 8:00am, but we decide to wait for better weather. Noon was our dead line, as we need ~5h to camp1.

The weather was pretty bad, it kept snowing. But after few hours, we decide to go to camp1, ready to spend 2 nights on the glacier, waiting for good weather.

The trek to the moraine is pretty straight forward: mix terrain with mud and loose rocks.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the glacier, we hide our spare food and clothe under some rocks.
Then we start climbing.

Our bag packs were heavy. It was difficult to find a nice pace as the snow was pretty soft + petinentes.

We climbed until we could find a safe place to set up our camp. It is pretty cool, because you decide of a camping place in the middle of nowhere, then you dig the snow to make a snow platform to pitch your tent.

We were in our tent at 5pm. We carry some water to avoid to waste too much time melting snow and to save our gas. But unfortunately, boiling water took us forever and we finally eat ~8pm. Because it was so late already, we skipped the soup, and eat crackers, cheese and noodle soup.

View from tent - Camp 1

video: Camp1- tent visit :

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