Monday, August 15, 2011

Sophie has spent more than 80days above 4800m in the last 3 months

How to qualify my Broad Peak climb in one word : Resilience
Broad Peak

Attempt #1 (summit scheduled June 26th) : We were climbing alpine style. During our summit push we got cut in a wind storm. We when down to Base Camp the same day

Attempt #2 (summit scheduled July 6th): After going through a wind storm, we finally reached Camp 3. But no tent as waiting for us. Our tent got covered up y an avalanche. We had to go down

Attempt #3 (summit scheduled on July 14th): Starting at 9:30pm, we climbed for about 13h and reached only 7900m. Snow was deep, and fixing rope took the team a long time, long enough to freeze my toes. I had a small frostbite at big toe, we had to go down. We when down to Base Camp (4800m) from 7900m

Attempt #4 : SUMMIT. I summit on july 25th !

K2 - we reached and sleep at Camp IV
K2's Attempt #1 (summit scheduled on august 6th): We should have start at 1am. Waking up at midnight, we'd checked on the weather every 30 minutes. But the wind did not slow down. At 5am we could see very high winds at the top, and at 7am it was a white out. Weather tuning sour, and the weather forecast predicating bad weather for the next day, we 've decided to go down. 



  1. Congratulations to all your achievements - what a run! - and thanks for removing/altering the other posting.

  2. the record is: no woman climbed more than 3 peak above 8000m in 3 months in 3 different countries