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News from the explorerweb:August 4th 2011

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Posted: Aug 04, 2011 02:16 pm EDT
(By Dave Hancock) 
In Skardu, FTA leader Dave Hancock just submitted the following report to ExplorersWeb. FTA lost a client on Broad Peak and have a bunch pushing for the summit of K2 right now. Here goes a debrief and thoughts straight from the horse's mouth.

High hopes for K2 tonight
By Dave Hancock

"There is significant anticipation surrounding K2 tonight both amongst the asssembled returned climbers and outfitters in Skardu, and no doubt the respective BC teams at the foot of the hill. By various reports up to 17 climbers are poised at camp 4 for a summit attempt tomorrow, including FTA members Sophie Denis, Rob Springer and Lapka, and our two HAP's.
A huge high pressure system has parked itself across the top of northern Pakistan, and while some European models are predicting possibly higher winds late tomorrow, all indicators locally are fuelling hopes for a near perfect weather window. As the suns sets this evening across the Indus basin in Skardu, there is not a breath of wind and the temperature remains well into the high 20's celsius. K2 has not seen a person stand upon her summit since 2008.

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