Monday, August 22, 2011

Excellent News & Bad News

Excellent News : The 2 days chock treatment worked. I'm healthy again. I am very happy!!!! (I will not eat yogurt anymore that I buy from a deli, I promise .... what a stupid mistake ....)

My doctor gave me some food/vitamins supplement to speed up my recovery. I need too rest and eat up.

Bad News : I should I have left Kathmandu September 1st to Tibet to climb Shishapagma, which is leaving me less than 10 days to build up strength and to gain weight. The doctor told me that it is too early to be back in mountain and asked me to cancel my Shisha climb.

It is with regret that I will cancel my Shishapagma expedition. It is the wise decision and I am comfortable with it.   


  1. Definitely the right decision. Good recovery!

  2. Thank you.
    The mountain will always be there :D
    - Sophie -

  3. tes exploits printemps-été sont superbes, et avec le sourire rivé aux lèvres de surcroît...
    good trip back to NYC (I guess !)
    François, le parisien rencontré sur les pentes du Cho Oyu

  4. Sophie,

    Sorry to hear this news but definitely the right decision. Rest up, eat, eat and eat, and be strong for your Manaslu climb. Best wishes to you from here in New Jersey.

    Ken T.

  5. Thank you all for your kind words. I leave for Manaslu on Sept. 17th.
    - Sophie -