Friday, August 5, 2011

News from the explorersweb: Summit day postponed

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Posted: Aug 05, 2011 02:52 am EDT
(Angela Benavides) Tough conditions prevented most K2 summit climbers from reaching C4 as planned. Only the ABC team members Gerfried Göschl, Alex Txikon and Kilian Volken managed to reach the camp's location at 7,900m, while all other teams were forced to stop for the night between C3 and C4.
"The delayed climbers are carrying ropes and essential gear to fix some of the mountain's upper sections," Alex home team explained. "Thus, Gerfried, Alex and Kilian have spent all night waiting for the rest and evaluating their options: to remain over 24 hours at nearly 8,000 meters, or to abandon the attempt. Finally, this morning they decided to go on."
"I am feeling strong - and I've worked so hard on this attempt," Alex said on the sat-phone. "It's worth to wait one day and try to top-out all together tomorrow."
Noone has summited K2 since the dramatic push of 2008. Alex, on the contrary, has already managed a GI+G2 double header and now aims to make a triplet of it with K2.
Meanwhile in BC, FTA's Chris confirmed the news and reported on today's plans: the climbers will fix the Bottleneck. FTA's team has been reduced to Sophie Denis, Lakpa and two HAPS's, after rob Pringer turned back yesterday.


  1. Hi Sophie. I followed your progress day-by-day on Broad Peak. Congratulations on your summit! You are a very strong climber. Wishing you good weather and conditions on your K2 summit attempt. Take care and be safe up there. All the best, Ken

  2. Hi Monami,... we continue to follow your progress and waiting anxiously for more news ... wishing all the best, safe trip back down ;-) .. HUGS! Vanessa, Michelle and Mike