Thursday, May 26, 2011

World Record of Altitude in Paragliding

We were sharing base camp "service" with the team who wrote a new World Record of Altitude in Paragliding. So I got the chance to know them, and they are amazing ....

Back Roll : Zanbu - Shree Hari - Tsering Nima - Lakpa Tsering - Ryan - Babu
Front Roll : Tsering - Yangji - Lakpa Gelu - AngBhai - Sophie - Susmita - David

From Over the Top of the World ! to the Sea
They took off from the Summit of Mt. Everest last monday, on 21th of May of 2011, on a tandem flight and broke the World Record of Altitude in Paragliding. Not just because they took off from Everest, but because they flew over Everest, about 30 meters above the highest montain that any pilot or any human being ever been, and the first cross country flight ever done in Everest region. Following the track of the flight, they did about 31km, flying around Nuptse and landing in Namche Bazar Airport.

The project and plan to fly from Everest happened in less than 2 months, with very little financial support, in the limit of saving of both pilots. But still the adventure is not finished. Babu and Lakpa at the moment are still in action. They continue the adventure for the next 3 or 4 weeks, walking, cycling and by kayak-duo, on a river class 5, until they arrive to the ocean.

Lakpa Sherpa is a famous summiter and took at this expedition 3 pax with him for the first time to the Summit, not only Babu Sunowar, but Phu Dorge Sherpa (aka. AngBhai Sherpa from Cheplung) and Nima Wang Chu Sherpa. At the way to the Summit, they lost one bottle of oxygen at 7.900m. Lakpa Sherpa gave his own bottle to Babu, having no oxygen himself even during and after the take off.

The fact to arrive to the ocean from Everest has a strong meaning to Babu: « from where the water starts, from the Supreme source, to where the water divides into egos and have separeted names, to where the water units and all rivers become one with the ocean »
 The subtle message reflects it all of the spirit of these two simple men who love the mountains and nature.
 Congratulations to the National hero Rai Babu Sanuwar, Lapka Sherpa and to all Sherpa community!

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