Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Managing your Body Mass is one of the most challenging side of climbing

Cho Oyu Base Camp is at 5800m and Lhotse base Camp is at 5300m. At those altitude no matter what you eat you cannot gain weight.
So the goal is to lose the least possible amount of weight to have energy for your climb.

My training was mainly focus in gaining weight in anticipation of a drastic loss of weight.
November I was 130lbs. I had been able to gain about 30lbs, to 160lbs before to go to my trip.

There is nothing fun in gaining weight, but it is mandatory to have enough body fat to 1/ keep you warm. the fat plays the role of an insulation layer. 2/ energy. the fat feeds your muscles of energy. It is a quick access to energy.

Unfortunately, I had already loss my extra 30lbs. In 5 weeks I lost 30lbs which is a really bad news.

I am leaving June 10th to climb Broad Peak and K2, and I NEED to gain at least 10lbs. That will be very challenging but I have no choice, I need to bulk up ... !

(click on the picture below to play the video)
Link : http://vimeo.com/24251973


  1. Amazing Sophie!!
    FYI, vimeo's link doesn't work


  2. Wow girl ... thats incredible... but we know you can do it ... the word CANT doesnt exist in your dictionary ... keep living your dream... and mine ...wooohoooo!! lots of kisses