Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily Video Journal of the Sophie Denis' Lhotse climb

Day 1 - 05-14-11

Lhotse Base Camp : First weather report feedback
On the 18/19th the wind should low down early morning and it should start snowing in the afternoon. So we are trying to hit a very small weather window just few hours of ok weather. 

Feedback on weather report

Day 2 - 05-15-11
Lhotse Base Camp : We are leaving tomorrow morning
I am pretty sick. I have a nasty sore throat and some stomach issues. Due to bad weather we postpone by a day our climbing summit push.We are leaving tomorrow instead of today . I am happy because I have one more rest day to recover.

Day 3 - 05-16-11
Lhotse Base Camp to Camp 2

Day 4 - 05-17-11
Camp 2 to Camp 3

Day 5 - 05-18-11
Camp 3 to Camp 4

We start climbing pretty late due to the bad weather condition. It was snowing for 12h straight. We start at 4am, then along the climb we had the bad surprise to discover that the line was not fixed. So Tsering and I start fixing the line. We fixed about 100m. Thankfully, the Himex Sherpa team came up that day  o fix the line, so our job was done.

Early Morning Feedback

Feedback before climbing the icy couloir

We fixed 100m rope - happy to have helped ...

Himex Sherpa fixing the line on Lhotse - deep snow

almost there ....

Last steps ...

5m away from the top

Sophie's big smile at the top of Mount Lhotse. Sophie summit at 3pm on 05/19/11
Panoramic view from the summit of Lhotse. (you can see Makalu, Everest, Cho Oyu ... )

View of Everest on the way down from Lhotse Summit .... SPLENDID

Day 7 - 05-20-11
Camp 3 to Camp 2
We start from Camp 3 pretty late due to the bad weather. Once arrived at Camp 2 at 11am, we had lunch. When we finished packing our personal stuff at Camp, 2 it was already noon. We were tired from our climb and it was a bite late to go to the ice fall. So we've decided to stay and sleep at Camp 2. (We are in no rush, so let's take it easy and try to take a minimum of risk in the Ice fall.)

Day 8 - 05-21-11
Camp 2 to Base Camp
Breakfast at Camp 2

World Record of Altitude in Paragliding
(the tiny red dot is Babu and Lakpa view from Camp 1)

Crossing crevasse in Kumbu Ice fall is a very slow and quite dangerous process
video coming soon

Pumori big Avalanche
When you climb Mount Everest or Lhotse, you mainly hear 2 sounds : the sound of avalanches and the sound of crevasses cracking (under your tent)
video coming soon

Day 9 - 05-22-11

Last Day at Base Camp


  1. SOPHIIIIEEEEEEEEE YOUR DOING AMAZING!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SOOOO PROUD OF YOUUUU!!!!!!!!! the videos are awesomeeee we miss you and hope that your safe!

    from: michelle greeley :)

  2. yay Sophie!!!... sssoo exiting waatching you go through such an amazing journey ... thanks for the awesome videos ... we miss you ... hugs .. Vanessa

  3. Sophie, tu es fantastique!Bravo! Je t'embrasse tres fort et te souhaite plein de courage dans cette aventure extraordinaire. Gros gros bisous.
    Tu me manques! Muriel