Thursday, August 28, 2014

'My First Book' Series Review | Best Baby Gift! by Becoming The Barr's

'My First Book' Series Review | Best Baby Gift!
by Becoming The Barr's
It's no question that promoting early literacy leads to a lifetime of positive benefits. Now, let me preface this by stating that I'm not saying the younger children read, the better off they will be in life (in my opinion!). Every child learns at a different pace and reading will come with time. BUT, promoting literacy and understanding the connection between listening, recognizing, and interacting with all aspects of books/reading/writing in general in the early stages of life can only help encourage children to further their literacy development and fascination in all things book related as they grow!
[...] E has such a fascination with these books. The moment I opened up the mail while she was eating lunch, I sat down next to her and we started flipping through. I had never gone over musical instruments with her before (being that hubby and I are not very musically inclined) and after going through the book once, she had almost all the instruments down. The next day, my husband went through the book with her and she pointed out

her current favorite page and said "Trumpet!" while making the most hilarious sound possible, and he was amazed. She also sticks her hand out and pretends to play the violin when she sees that page. And I crack up. [...] Looking at the books has helped her recognize so many items and she's already increased her ever-growing vocabulary just from flipping through them. She can now recognize the difference between a pineapple
and an apple, and can hand me the correct book depending on which title I
ask from her.[...] This series is the perfect place to start - and makes a wonderful gift for moms-to-be, brand new babies, and growing tots alike.

Book currently sell individually for just $5.99 on Amazon!


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