Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Review] Fabulous little books for my fabulous littles! by Sarah for A Lovely Little Life

Fabulous little books for my fabulous littles!
Review: My First Book Series
by A Lovely Little Life

Elise and Leighton enjoying reading My First Book series ;-)


From the second these suckers came out of the package Elise had her little hands on them....all of them. She made me stop cooking dinner and sit down and read with her.....each book (4 of them) 2 times....2 of them 3 times...sister loved them. Like I said she loves a book, but normally she "reads" them to herself. With these she wanted me to "read" with her, I say "read" in quotations because it was really just reading, it was interactive. She wanted to count the objects with me, point out the colors, name the shapes, instruments, fruits, etc. It was so sweet and so fun to see her so proud of herself!

[...] My girls love them and I love seeing their little eyes full of fun whilst "reading" them! :) Friends check 'em out.....for your little ones, for showers, for Christmas, or just because you love 'em! :)

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