Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Review] My First Book Series by Erinn from Strawberry Swing and other things

[Review] My First Book Series


Like most babies and toddlers, A and K love reading.  Well, more like being read to, but the girls both love books.  Kenley may just enjoy pulling them off the shelf one by one and then trying them as an appetizer, but Ashlynn definitely goes in a merry-go-round of her favorites.  Jumping from short, funny, baby style board books, to prettier paper paged picture books, to longer Dr. Seuss stories and tales with learning concepts.

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What surprised me the most was how much Ashlynn liked the books.  I thought since they didn't tell a story she'd be too advanced for them, turns out they offer so much more than just the basic concepts for baby.  After receiving the books a week ago, she has pulled out the Musical Instruments version almost daily.  She now correctly identifies trumpets, violins ("bi-lin"), flutes, and saxophones in addition to the pianos and guitars that initially captured her attention from familiarity.  She'll tell me all the colors included on each page, which ones are not in sequence (which flute is backwards? what pianos are upside down?), and of course count how many on each page.  Each of the books offer similar concepts so there is always a concept to work on as your child grows from baby to toddler. 
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These would definitely be a great shower gift, especially if the hostesses are collecting a "library".    I'm planning on bringing them with on vacation to pull out while waiting for meals out.  Something to capture Kenley's attention other than silverware and something to keep Ashlynn engaged and learning and not begging for our phones or tablet. 


The My First Book series is available at Amazon.com

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