Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My First Book Series Review by Elefantitas Alegres

My First Book Series Review by Sophie Helenek
by Elefantitas Alegres
I think these books would be the perfect addition to your
infant's library or a wonderful gift for a new mom!  
You've officially earned yourself four new fans!  

We're big on books in our family. Reading is and has always been one of my favorite pastimes, and it's important to me that our kids grow up reading every day.    [...] That's why I was so jazzed when Sophie Helenek reached out to me regarding her new, award-winning series of board books tailored specifically to infants' brain development. Sparkly-new, un-gnawed-on books written just for B's age group?  Count me in, and thanks as well for appeasing my Second Child Guilt a tad!  
[...] B instantly seemed fascinated with the pictures; he smiles and gurgles at them during tummy time, and he stares intently when we pull them out to read. While reading one word per two pages isn't necessarily the most interesting task for an adult, it's easy to see B is totally engaged.  
The biggest surprise with the My First Book Series is how much L enjoys it.  She routinely brings us "Brady's books" to read to him and will stop whatever she's otherwise busy with to listen.  Since she can recognize and name all of the illustrated items {and their colors}, she loves that she can "read" them to her brother without help.  We are also using them to help her practice counting with her fingers {"how many pianos do you see?"} and for number recognition {"what letter does your name start with?  can you find the L in flute?"}.  The press release I received with the series says you can even use dry erase markers on the books when your toddler is ready for handwriting practice -- pretty cool and something I will definitely keep in mind for the future! 
Book currently sell individually for just $5.99 on Amazon!


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