Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journal - acclimatization trek - day 1

March 14th 
from 1250m to 3440m
As no flight took off yesterday, I had little hopes to fly to Luckla. Thus, I went at the airport with a Plan B, if no flight I will go to the Langtan region for my acclimatization trek.
Sky cleared up, and plane could fly. The fight Kathmandu-Luckla is very dangerous due to his extremely short run way and cancelled very often if weather condition are not optimal.

Once at Luckla, I was not sure where will be my stop of the day. I initially plan was to spend the night at Manjo, unless I was there before 3pm then I would go to Namche.

It took me about 6h from Luckla to Namche which a fairly fast pace. Lost in my thoughts, I walked too fast. I met Diany on the Namche last hill. She was a nepali porter, very friendly. . I spoke my few words of Sherpa. It seems we were both to meet each other and we walked a bite together.
Namche is a fast growing town. New lodges are built every year. I was there a year ago, but it seems so much bigger. I went the KAMAL lodge. There nothing fantastic about it beside the owner Nina who is nice. I enjoyed her, she is always very upbeat, wants to share piece of her story … I go there every year.
Around the fire, I met a couple and an English man on his way down. We talked a lot sharing point of views and stories. I love this kind of unexpected and rich meeting. Enjoying talking we lost track of time and we went to bed at 10:30pm.

It is a pretty day from n altitude gain point of you: +1200m. I am happy because I feel really good, no high altitude sign yet.

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