Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Climbing Logistic

I arrived well in Kathmandu last night. I met Mingma, who's in charge of the 2 peaks logistic, and the logistic sounds really good.
Itinerary :
 - I am leaving tomorrow to do an acclimatization trek (to Everest Base Camp) and I will come back to Kathmandu March 22nd. 
March: 23,24: last minute shopping and rest days.

 - March 25: driving to Tatopani. March 26: flying to Annapurna BC. Mingma hoping for an early summit of Annapurna around April 20th, which is ~1week before I've initialy schedule it. Then we will fly (if possible) to Tatopani to rest 2-3 days at lower altitude before to go climbing Dhaulagiri. Once at Dhaulagiri Base Camp, I will try to do a direct summit push strategy on Dhaulagiri (eg: Base Camp, Camp 2, Camp 3, Summit). 
* That's the plan but I am sure that things will change. But I wanted to give you an idea of my climbing strategy and planing.
Then I will trek back to Pokara then drive to KTM - the expedition should be finish by the end of May. 
Please do not hesitate to log on to my blog to follow my climbs. Update will be provided on daily basis.

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