Monday, April 2, 2012

Mountaineer and inspiration to all women, Sophie Denis INTERVIEW

Mountaineer and inspiration to all women, Sophie Denis dropped her career as a U.S. banker, moved to France, and made mountain climbing her full-time job. She has climbed mountains of various heights all over the world and feels more empowered by each mountain she climbs. But now Sophie’s aiming to climb six of Earth’s highest mountains this year, with the overall aim to be the first French person to realize one of the most difficult human endeavors on the planet: an ascent of the world’s 14 elite 8,000-meter peaks.


WAM: What would you like all women to know?

SD: You can be the woman you want to be. Through my performance, I hope to instill awareness on the individual endless possibility and inspire and empower women to climb their own Mount Everest.

WAM: How has climbing influenced other aspects of your life?

SD: When I am climbing, I take the opportunity to be more relaxed and take time for myself, to be spiritual and be in touch with nature. I try to remember this state of mind when I get stressed, unhappy, or overwhelmed. Climbing influences my psyche positively, takes me higher on one hand but down to earth on the other hand. I live with the locals; I am learning their culture, their language, and their traditions. It is as rich a human adventure as an outstanding sportive endeavor.


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