Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo - Summit Attemp #2

July 3rd to Juy 6th
Lakpa and Sophie made their second Broad Peak Summit attempt

Day #1 - They climbed from Base Camp to Camp 2. Snow was deep and sticky. Weather was nice almost all day.

Day #2 - After a late start due to a wind storm, Sophie and Lakpa climbed up to camp 3. As getting closer to Camp 3, snow got deeper, and deeeper, getting from knee high to hip high. Once arrived at camp 3 no tent, they try to dig at few different places where their tent could have been. Good effort but not successful. As it was starting to get dark, Sophie and Lakpa decide to trun back and go down to Camp 2. It was heartbreaking as it meant as well that they ost everything and had to give up their 2nd summit attempt.

Day #3 - They went down to Base Camp

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