Thursday, March 6, 2014

Outside Magazine Online - 7 Questions with Mountaineer Mom Sophie Helenek

7 Questions with Mountaineer Mom Sophie Helenek
"Raising our baby girl is our new Everest."

You can call Sophie Helenek many things: a recovering investment banker, the youngest French woman to climb Mount Everest, and—as of 2013—a mother. But having her daughter wasn't going to terminate Helenek's six-year love affair with climbing. We caught up with Helenek via email to talk about staying active during pregnancy, exploring with babies, and her book series written for infants.
  -  How did you make the decision to start a family?
  -  How did you stay active and fit during your pregnancy?
  -  Has it been difficult to get back into shape since having the baby?
  -  Describe the process of writing your books.
  -  How do you incorporate books into parenting?
  -  As an adult, what books do you enjoy?
  -  Do you encourage your daughter to lead an active, adventurous life?


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