Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day - Hike to Mount Mansfield

Happy Labor Day

It is the first time that I go to a ski resort during the summer when there is no snow.  It is surprisingly extremely enjoyable.
Between hiking, mountain biking for John and Spa for me in the afternoon, we had an excellent time. I'm almost 6 months so I can still enjoy easy hikes ;-)


Day 1, we hiked along a ski slope for few hours. We enjoyed a nice clear weather. It was very pretty  

Day 2, we hiked up from the bottom of the Stowe's ski resort to the top of Mount Mansfield, highest peak in Vermont. Both days were amazing !

Rocky section. Nothing major but John as to carry our dog ;-)

View on the way up to Mount Mansfield - Breathtaking

The panoramic view at the top of Mount Mansfield is outstanding.
At my left: I could see the Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks
And at my right: I could the Mount Washington, its top in the cloud
Mt Mansfield Map

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