Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patrick IP - AYCs keynote speaker

Alpine Youth Challenge Summit
keynote speaker
Patrick IP
Patrick Ip is a college sophomore at the University of Chicago studying Political Science. He graduated from Modesto High School in 2009. His work ranges from channeling student voice to a national scale, fostering environments for maximum innovation to public speaking. He currently works with the United Nations to actively support the United Nations Academic Impact and its Student Chapter ASPIRE, and served as Co-Chair of the UN Youth Committee Australia.
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He was Barack Obama’s California State Director before he was even eligible to vote. Chicago University politics major Patrick Ip, who moves on the world stage, found himself in Melbourne earlier this year for the 63rd United Nations Conference on Global Health. He is looking to return in the future as a graduate student.

“He lives out what he says and I think he’s going to be very successful at the University of Chicago.,” Ramos said. “The world is going to be better off because Pat lived in it.”

“Patrick Ip, from California, was the inspiring guest speaker at the event.”
-Star News Group

“Modesto High School graduate Patrick Ip has been appointed co-chair of the United Nations Youth Committee of Australia.”
-Modesto Bee

VIDEO (click on links to watch videos)
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