Thursday, October 8, 2009

GATORADE - 'G Movement' Video Release

I'm very happy to be part of 'G Movement' campaign, and bring sport to another level. Click for more details ... Enjoy

What is G Movement? A partnership between Action Against Hunger and Gatorade, G Movement harnesses the power of athletics to fight global hunger

Q and A with Sophie:
  • When I want to quit, my motivation to continue is the excitement of being part of something bigger than me.
  • The athlete who inspires me most is the French swimmer S├ębastien Proyart. I dedicated my first world record to him. His mental strength, his eagerness to make a better world, his courage and his unique attitude toward life make him a beautiful source of inspiration and a great example.
  • My favorite part about training is imagining myself in the most difficult sport situations, requiring lots of psychological strength, energy and confidence. Once I am there in my mind, my work out is intense, meaningful, and really enjoyable.
  • Action Against Hunger has inspired me to promote causes which need attention and to leverage my passions to inspire others to get involved with ACF or with other important causes.
  • The hardest thing I’ve ever done is flying trapeze.

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