Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sophie's phone call: K2 Camp 2 the second

Today the international group leaved Base camp (5100m) at 3h40am.
The group is composed of 14 people and due to a lot of snow, all the people have decided to follow the CESEN road (K2 roads including CESEN road).
At the beginning of the climbing day, Sophie has difficulties to feel concerned by the climbing but after 2h00 of effort, the 60° of the mountain slope make her back to business with her well known dynamism. Broad Peak was emotionally a big challenge and all the climbers need time to focus on K2.
For information, with a slope higher than 45°, every fall and slide can not be stopped by the climber itself and can be the last one (be careful do not confuse the slope in ° and %).

At 12h the second, the whole group is in camp 2 around 6000M
the third, the group will be in camp 3
the fourth, the group will be in camp 4
And the 5: Summit day

Aujourd'hui le groupe international de 14 personnes a quitté le camp de base (5100m) vers 3h40 du matin. A cause de conditions de neige et météo assez moyenne, l'ensemble des grimpeurs a décidé de parcourir la voie CESEN (K2 roads including CESEN road).
Au début de la montée Sophie a un moral bas, mais après 2h00, la pente atteignant les 60° Sophie est obligée de se concentrer, retrouve son dynamisme et oublie ses pensées négatives. A midi, le groupe est au camp 2 vers 6000 mètres. 
Les objectifs sont les suivants: 
le 3 au camp 3
le 4 au camp 4
le 5 au sommet.

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