Monday, July 26, 2010

Yanapaccha - Huamashraju - program

Tuesday and Wednesday: Rest at Huanchaco beach - hot surf spot, famous beach for its Caballitos de totora (reeds watercrafts used Peruvian fishermen) and their ceviche.

those 2 rest days were great: we relaxed, ate ceviche, ice creams, lemon pies ... we tried to recover and regain some body fat.

Tonight we are taking the bus to Huaraz, and we will arrive at 6am the next day.

Thusday: Once arrived to Huaraz, we will go straight away to climb Huamashraju (approach during the afternoon, climb by night, go down by day)

Friday : We should be back in Huaraz for lunch, get some energy and leave again to climb Yanapaccha to enhance my leading skills (approach during the afternoon, climb by night, go downnby day)

Saturday: we will be back to Huaraz and celebrate our good time in the mountains

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  1. Hi Sophie! What an amazing endeavor! Absolutely breathtaking...

    Excellent pictures - that fresh powder was made for my snowboard ;)